Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vacation Day 11

Day 11... July 15

This morning we arrived in Juneau. We got off the boat and got on a smaller catarmaran style boat for whale watching. This was the coolest experience! We set out on the boat and came up to a group of humpback whales (about 16) travelling together. This is extremely rare because they do not travel in groups and are unrelated. It was spectatular to watch them in the water. We also saw three of them breach! This is also very rare because they usually only breach in Hawaii when they are mating in warmer waters. After whalewatching we got on a bus and they drove us to the Mendenhall Glacier. It was also spectacular! The amount of rushing water from the run off was incredible. The different colors of blue in the ice were beautiful. After we got back on the cruise ship, we maneuvered up the Tracy Arm Fjord. We travelled really slow and pushed ice caps out of our way in the narrow Fjord. (Visions of Titanic kept coming to mind) We made it all the way up the Fjord and saw Sawyer Glacier at the end. It took the cruise ship 45 minutes just to turn around once we got there. It was so tight and narrow. The emerald color of the water was also a sight to see here!


Two Cent Sparrow said...

Those whale pictures are incredible!

Thanks for representing Patagonia! :)

harmijo said...

You guys look so cute in the first picture and the scenery behind you is just amazing! I loved the pictures of the whales too, they must have been amazing to see!