Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas Vacation

Christmas break couldn't have come any sooner this year as I struggled to teach my last few days of school with the flu. I was definitely looking forward to our extended break of 2 1/2 weeks. Luckily, I only spent about three days flat on the couch during my break. Many people told me that this was a much needed break but I was ready to accomplish as much as I could. I have this tendency to go crazy with my time off during the first two days by setting out to do everything that I was planning on doing over the entire break and then sitting back and asking myself, "now what?" The Lord definitely has a way of slowing me down.
So I headed home to Fresno for a week where I spent countless hours with family. Christmas was a little difficult this year with my grandma being in a rest home. I spent most of my time driving to Hanford to see her with my mom daily. Such a difficult transition. This will probably be the last time that I will spend such an extended time at home before I get married, but I couldn't wait until Tim would meet up with me in Fresno.
So from Fresno Tim and I headed to Bakersfield (I know you are thinking this isn't getting much better). But we were headed to Kristen Cater's wedding. The last wedding we would attend before ours! So exciting! I couldn't believe Kristen was up there saying I do after so many breakfasts together discussing the endless dilemma of our singleness. It was a sweet sight.
I was able to end my vacation right back here in beautiful SLO hanging out with friends, getting in some good gym time, spending New Years in Huasna at April's, making our traditional hike on New Year's day, and of course working on the endless wedding plans.