Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bananas Foster

The Coalwells were all excited about making their own bananas foster dessert after discovering the recipe over the weekend at a Cambria restaurant. The boys were super excited to try out the recipe because it involved the use of a blow torch. I was a little nervous until I remembered Brendan was a firefighter. The excitement fizzled when the dish didn't exactly light on fire. So we enjoyed carmalized bananas and sugar over ice cream. The recipe will get perfected, I have hope.


Not to overdo the postings on the new dog but I couldn't resist one more post. Cali loves Tim. I was pretty much invisible the first week as Cali followed Tim's every step. I don't blame her, he is the one that wakes up every morning at 6 and takes her for a walk and gives her a bath every time she decides to find the mud puddle at the park (she's had 4 baths in the last 5 days) Now that's love.

Tammy's Shower

My sweet friend Tammy is getting married at the end of Sept. Tammy and I went to Cal Poly together and were roomies. We celebrated Tammy this weekend with a lingerie shower in Irvine. After the shower we headed to downtown San Juan Capistrano to have fondue at La Fondue. I have never been to a fondue restaurant (apparently it is the thing to do down south) We dipped just about everything you can imagine in chocolate. It was delicious!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

She's All Ours

With much anticipation this past week, we picked up Cali from the vet. As we entered the vet's office we were warned that we had a "vocal" one. Apparently she barked from the moment she arrived there until we picked her up. (A good 8 hrs.) Of course this was a shock to us because she was the one in the pound that didn't bark once the entire time we were there. So we took her home and she was obviously in pain from being spayed. She whined the entire first night, so loud we could hardly hear the tv. There was no consoling her. Needless to say, we were a little worried about what kind of dog we had chosen. Upon waking up on Day 2, she was a completely different dog. She was really mellow, just followed us around everywhere, and slept. She has been like that for the past 4 days and we are loving her. Nothing like the first night! I think her pain meds have something to do with this because she is finally starting to be a little more playful today. So far her favorite things are chasing birds during walks, chewing on her bone, and sleeping.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Meet Cali!

We just couldn't resist this face as we walked the aisles of the SLO animal shelter. The newest addition to the Romano family is this loveable yellow lab retreiver. During summer lonesomeness while Tim works all day, I have been searching for dogs. I realized that I had an exact dog in mind and wouldn't give up until I found her. We can't wait to get her out of the pound, and out from behind bars to bring home. She has to get spayed first so we will have her on Tuesday. She is about 2 or 3 yrs old, so hopefully the puppy stage is mostly over. (Especially since I found the dog 3 days before I have to start school again) We have never been to a pound to see the dogs, let alone rescue one, but it was definitely a rewarding feeling knowing that we saved her from the kill shelter. I'm sure there will be lots more pictures of her to come as soon as they let her out of that cage!

Steve and Cole

Introducing....Mr. and Mrs. Shipley! Cole and Steve tied the knot at the Dana Powers house in Nipomo. It was absolutely beautiful! Cole and I lived together for two years. The weather was great, sushi for appetizers, and exquisite strawberry shortcake pastries for dessert. I realized that I have a new dream to someday own a beautiful Victorian house such as this, garden all day, and host weddings on this weekends. Wouldn't that make a great day job? Now we just have to start looking for that beautiful home on property. (I guess I can dream right?) I was just excited to be able to attend as this was one of my first outings after sinus surgery a week ago.