Friday, February 27, 2009

I love Jesus but...

This ellen clip is hilarious!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Life's Greatest Questions...

Yes, life's greatest questions are answered everyday in my classroom. I really need to write this stuff down somewhere, maybe in hopes that I would one day write a book, but more for the sanity so that I can sleep at night. I probably spend 3/4 of my day answering questions in my classroom. Not that there are ever any stupid questions, but I will let you decide. Today's conversation was centered around dress code for our Valentine's Day celebration. I told the kids that they could wear anything that they wanted to as long as it was red or pink. This was my first question... "Can we wear purple and white?" Ahhhh!!! About 10 minutes after that we had to discuss bringing in Valentine's for the other kids. Each kid has to bring in a Valentine for everyone. Pretty simple... About 10 hands slowly go up. The first questions.... "Do I have to make one for myself?" Ahhh!!!! "Do we have to write who each one is supposed to be for, that's a lot of names?" Ahhhh!!!! Just last week we were doing reading and the kids had to answer a simple journal assignment about the chapter. This was the journal assignment that I wrote on the board... "Draw anything from Chapter one and color it." (Keep in mind chapter one was mostly about an Indian shooting a bow and arrow) The first hand went up.... "Would it be a good idea to draw the bow and arrow?" Ahhhh!!!!! The second hand goes up.... "Would it be ok if I drew it in pencil first and then colored it?" Ahhh!!!! I could go on like this for a while, I have lots of material. I have been a little exhausted at the end of my day lately. Maybe I am giving them too many rules, maybe it is just developmental, maybe they are just trying to push my buttons. It is hard not to show compassion to these kids daily, but the questions are starting to kill me, one by one, ever so slowly.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend Getaway to the Sequoias

Tim and I had the opportunity to head out of town for the weekend and enjoy a little snow. It was hard to leave San Luis when the weather was in the 80's, but it was great to get away.

The giant sequoias are unlike any other. The one I am standing in front of fell on a clear sunny day where there was no wind. Kind of a scary thought as we hiked miles into the wilderness.

These are views from Moro Rock. In the summer time you can climb the 400 some odd stairs to the top. We could not even see the stairs and decided to crawl up half way to check out the views. The last time I was here was with my family when we were little. I just kept thinking about how my mom must have been freaking out watching the three of us climb this rock!
Don't you think Tim's snowman (the one on the right) looks like a monkey?