Wednesday, March 12, 2008

God's Humor (or Infinite Wisdom)

Do you ever wonder why the biggest zits always show up the week of prom, or in this case, my wedding? I got a rudolph zit going on the end of my nose right now that's really bothering me. At least if I was a girl i could wear some makeup or something. And this is after I successfully avoided any injuries to my face at my bachelor party and recent surfing excursions. Oh well, maybe it's God's way of reminding us of the real focus of marriage. It's a celebration of love, not a beauty pageant! Besides, no one will hold a candle to Debra.

All the final preparations have been made and we are ready! For those of you joining us on Saturday we look forward to seeing you! Personally, I think this will be the coolest wedding ever.

Stay tuned, in a few weeks this blog is going to have a lot of new stuff!