Saturday, August 9, 2008

Steve and Cole

Introducing....Mr. and Mrs. Shipley! Cole and Steve tied the knot at the Dana Powers house in Nipomo. It was absolutely beautiful! Cole and I lived together for two years. The weather was great, sushi for appetizers, and exquisite strawberry shortcake pastries for dessert. I realized that I have a new dream to someday own a beautiful Victorian house such as this, garden all day, and host weddings on this weekends. Wouldn't that make a great day job? Now we just have to start looking for that beautiful home on property. (I guess I can dream right?) I was just excited to be able to attend as this was one of my first outings after sinus surgery a week ago.


Anonymous said...

and congratulation to you.
Your web site is excellent !

harmijo said...

Ouch, a sinus surgery?! I'm glad your feeling better. I had to have surgery for my sinuses years ago, but I am breathing much better now. I know you will not regret this surgery either, it makes a world of difference.

What a beautiful wedding! I think we have similar dreams Debra, lol. I have always wanted a Victorian home! Except I don't want to host weddings, I want a barn in the back so that I can have horses and train them :)