Monday, July 27, 2009

Vacation Day 3

Day 3... July 7

After our delicious farmhouse breakfast we hit the road. We didn't know how long the trip was going to take, but we left at 9am so it felt like we had plenty of time.... Over 10 hours later we arrived in Neskowin, Oregon! The picture of me with the Cal Poly sweatshirt on is in front of Crescent City, which is the last major city before you reach Oregon. We stopped for lunch at the Smith River and saw tons of elk in Northern Ca. We then continued all the way up the coast going 55 mph (Oregon HWY speed limit) until we arrived in Neskowin at Ryan James' parents beach house. Neskowin is a super small town just outside of Lincoln City. It was so cute with a small community of beach houses and one local cafe. We spent two days at the beach house exploring. The picture of the big rock on the beach is the view from the deck of the beach house. The rock is called "Proposal Rock".

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harmijo said...

How cool are those Elk! Man, you got to see it all on this trip! :)