Friday, November 7, 2008

Our Energetic Lab

Well, it's been a while since we have updated anyone on the dog. This was her status last week after our lovely $200 vet bill. Cali decided to stop eating, moving, and started having very irregular bowel movements. We never did find out what was wrong with her, after about three days she just snapped out of it. We were worried to say the least, and it made me think about having kids and how the worry-o-meter must rise with a sick child. I started to even tell myself that it would be ok if the dog died because we just got the dog a few months ago not years ago. That logic would not work on a child and who was I kidding, there would definitely be tears if Cali was dead.
She is feeling much better this week. She even pulled one of her regular Houdini tricks. Cali has been having regular play dates with her pit bull friend Coral while we are away at work. This way she tends to stay out of trouble. Well the strangest thing happened today. Coral got dropped off in the morning as usual to play, but today Coral decided not to stay for long. Keep in mind all gates were shut, Coral decided to escape and literally head home. She walked across busy intersections over the railroad tracks and back to her owners home to sit and wait for him on his doorstep until he got home for lunch. Meanwhile, Cali (who is a runner when let out) decided she would stay and sleep in her doghouse. It was a relief that she didn't escape as well because we know she would have been long gone. So now Houdini officially has a sidekick and we have come up with endless stories of how Coral got out. But in the end, we'll never know the truth no matter how many times I ask Cali to fess up.

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Ryan and Camille said...

They must have gotten in a fight, you know, the old "Oh yea, well fine! Im going home!" Hopefully they'll stay put next time...