Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh, Vegetables....

I must say that I have eaten more vegetables in the last two months than the last two years. You wouldn't know it by this picture. This was dinner the other night. It was one of those lazy nights where I got home from work late, and I decided to settle on the Mac and Cheese (yes, with a giant sausage for protein of course) And Tim went for the brussel sprouts. Tim and I have subscribed to getting an organic veggie box for the last two months through my school from a local farm. Each week we receive a new box full of vegetables in which I sometimes recognize and sometimes do not. I am receiving quite an education. I am just not a vegetable person and would be perfectly content eating a bowl of cereal every night for dinner. (Which I often did, not too long ago, before we were married) So our fridge is overflowing with greenery. The funny thing is the different viewpoints that Tim and I have about these veggies. Since receiving our weekly box (did I mention I split the box with a friend so we only have to endure half?) our fridge constantly seems to be full. I open the fridge in search of food, and deduce that we need to go to the grocery store, while Tim opens the fridge and assumes that it is full of food just because it contains about 10 different types of vegetables. What more could you want? I also find it shocking that Tim has grown to like the taste of lettuce and therefore will not put an ounce of salad dressing on a salad. Isn't that why they made salad dressing? To mask the taste of lettuce? I have discovered fennel for the first time as I dipped it into peanut butter and took a large bite mistaking it for celery. Not recommended! I am, however, becoming more open minded about vegetables as I learn to cook them. Two weeks in I told Tim at the dinner table I wasn't sure if I could handle any more veggies. Now we only have two weeks left in our subscription and I am finally beginning to enjoy it. So I will leave you with a recipe for beets that I have learned to enjoy. Warning: beets will turn your bowell movements red. Don't be alarmed.

Cooked Beets

Preheat oven to 400
Wrap beats in foil (like a baked potato) enclosing all steam inside
Bake for 45 min-1hr
Let cool and peel off the skins
Enjoy with oil and vinegar.

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Coalwell Family said...

Both plates look unapetizing...what is with the sausage? how does that not upset your stomach??