Monday, September 8, 2008


60 years together! My great Aunt and Uncle celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in Fresno (the same weekend as the big proposal) The surprise brunch was not at all expected. They were thrilled to have friends and family surrounding them on this momentous occasion.

It's official! After quite a few years of dating, Rudy asked my sister to marry him. She showed up to my parent's house in Fresno with a pretty big rock on her finger last weekend. It was super fun because we were all home for the weekend. Rudy took her to Fresno Pacific, (where they both attended school) found the place that they had their first conversation, and proposed to her. It was about 105 degrees and Rudy took a knee on the hot asphalt. Now that's love! So we're looking at next June for another wedding. Let the planning begin!

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harmijo said...

Happy 60th wedding anniversary to your Aunt and Uncle and CONGRATULATIONS DEANNA AND RUDY!!!