Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Midstate Fair

Every year we head to the Midstate Fair to see a concert, eat some fair food, and this year ride the ferris wheel! Much to my shock, Tim has never in his life ridden a ferris wheel. I think it is one of those things in life that he had to do before he turned 30. As for the concert, we didn't exactly pay to see one this year. We watched Matchbox 20 play as we sat on top of the 15 ft. Colossal Gelato Machine (which our friend owns) while of course enjoying all the free gelato we could stomach after munching down Old West Cinnamon Rolls.


harmijo said...

What a great new look for your web page. I love that wedding picture too! Glad you got to share Tim's first ride on the Farris wheel. That will be a cool story for the future kiddos to hear :)

God bless,

blah said...

Hey Romanos! I like the blog. Nice work. I had no idea you guys had this, but now I feel more in touch with you guys even from thousands of miles away!

Kelly_P_RD said...

I googled 'colossal gelato' after sampling it at the fair last week and was directed to your blog. I noticed your photo of the yellow lab and he looks a lot like our 2 yr old lab mix, Samson. Then I noticed that Tim looks awfully this Tim Romano from AGO?--Kelly Pywtorak (John says hello).

P.S. does colossal gelato have a shop in the area? That was my original search!