Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Hobby

We have really enjoyed living up in Paso discovering all the new restaurants and such so I thought it was time we figured out all of the wineries. During the wine festival a few months back we picked up the a pamphlet that lists all of the wineries in the area. I think there are like 140 or so. (Actually I know there are more because I drove past one the other day that was surprisingly not in my book!)I had no idea that there were so many wineries up here and there are so many more tasting rooms being built all the time. Well, my goal/new hobby has been trying to check out all these wineries to find the best ones with the perfect picnic atmosphere as well as good wine to bring all of our friends to when they come up and visit. Tim and I have been chipping away at the list steadily over the last 5 years, but now it is great that we live so close we can just drive a mile up the road and be at a great winery. So from my original list, I now have 98 wineries to spot that I have not yet been to! Overwhelming to say the least...As I slowly chip away at them I am making notes in my little pamphlet (mostly about the atmosphere...because I am way more into that than the actual wine) and how good the wine tastes. I am beginning to find some gems and some to completely avoid. It seems a little daunting to get to my now narrowed down list of 98 but it is a work in progress. Before long we will know the best of the best to take you to, and by that time I'm sure there will be so many new ones to frustrate me. These gigantic doors belong to Eagle Castle Winery. I love this place for its showmanship. (Havn't had the wine yet, sad to say) The place is literally a castle, you have to cross a moat to enter. I also like this place because I recently met the owner who leads the bible study I was in at our church.
Christa was visiting all week so she got in on the wine tour. Poor girl, because of my list she had to experience two bad ones before we found the perfect picnic spot at Summerwood.


Dillie-O said...

You guys are so lucky to live in that area! Jen and I want to get up into that area sometime soon.

May aunt and uncle live in Roseville and have been down into wine country to a lot of the bed and breakfast type places where you can get a good meal, a lot of wine tasting, and a place to sleep it off that night.

You'll have to add those to your list as well!

[:: Sean ::]

Eileen said...