Thursday, December 17, 2009

Strange Happenings in the New Neighborhood

I'm sitting on the couch like any other week night grading stacks upon stacks of papers for school when I start to hear tons of police sirens in our neighborhood. I start to think this is a little odd because our neighborhood is one of those sleepy neighborhoods past 7pm where you don't see a lot of cars, people, or cops for that matter. Keep in mind I am home alone as Tim is out at a bachelor party all night. I am trying not to start the typical worst case scenario thoughts that I always think, when I feel the need to investigate the situation. I go to the back of the house and can see the reflection of lights from all of these cop cars on the houses. Weird... some of the neighbors are starting to gather outside. Weird... So I thought this might be a good time to meet neighbors since we never see any around. I grab my coat while trying not to alarm the dog in a frenzy and head outside. I am feeling very brave for actually walking outside. Normally I run around locking all doors. The sirens havn't stopped and it is progressively getting louder. I walk across the street and ask what is going on. The neighbors then inform me that Santa is coming on his sleigh! (Escorted by 5 screaming cop cars of course) What on Earth! So sure enough about 10 min. later the parade makes it to our house where all the neighborhood kids have gathered, including howling dogs, to greet Santa on his sleigh who is giving out candy canes. A neighborhood doesn't get much better than this! (Next year I will remember this and try not to freak out)

I tried to get some pictures but didn't have the best camera for the job.


Unknown said...

That is really funny Debra. I would react the exact same way.

Carly said...

don't worry, these santa shananigans happen in our neighborhood too. its kind of weird... in a fun and festive sort of way :)